Snows Commercials Ltd. GRP box and Tautliner Truck Body - updated 23 February, 2024
Home Parts Bodywork Reuseable GRP box body and container
Reg Year Make Model Body Body Notes and brief information
2012Daf45LF-18024ft Grp boxHalf roller shutter door & sprung tail gate/ramp, 2 x steps in floor, 8ft 7" high internal, gouge in N/S of body, 7ft 11 3/4" wide, 33 3/4" runners. Semi removal type body.Internal vertical Top Hat aluminium section would suit insulation panels installation for horse box / camper conversion Ref; XCG8995O Loc: PI
HomePartsBodywork Tautliner body suit reuse or modifying
Reg Year Make Model Body Tautliner Truck body for re-use, storage for builder, workshop, equestrian
2015Daf45LF-15017ft 6 1/2" TautlinerBody has shifted forward on runners sheering off some rivets, 6ft 2 1/2" high to side rail, 8ft wide, 34" runners, barn doors.Reference; XCG9057O