Snows Commercials Ltd. Truck Gearbox Core - updated 8 August, 2022
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Stock Ref Reg Year Make Model Gearbox Condition Description
8027I2009Daf45LF-140S5.42 >S5.42 take out, 1307 050 346, crunches in 2nd gear
8872N2008Daf45LF-140S5.42Turns fine, 1307 050 344
8510L2011Daf45LF-160S5.42S5.42 tight
9231Q2013Daf45LF-160S5.42Turns, feels loose on input shaft
9214P2006Daf45LF-1806S850Turns, feels rough
8978N2005Daf55LF-1806S8506S850 turns then tight
8386K2009IsuzuN75.190 ForwardEasyshift (Auto)Core Gearbox less servo unit
9170P2014Iveco75E166AS700 T0 (less ecu)Turns, 6AS700 T0, 1347 061 002
8792M2004Mercedes815 AtegoG56Core unit in bits, minus primary shaft
7659H2000Scania114 `P` cabGRS900 >GRS900 range unit, lid, bellhousing & input shaft only
8593L2000Scania124 `R` cabGRS900Turns rough and no turret
9247Q2012VolvoFM13AT2612DStripped completely, casings cleaned