To the World since the 1980's

Export Load

Due to our dismantling a large selection of late damaged Heavy Commercial vehicles , we can offer a varid range of components for the truck parts export market.
From our online database you can see we hold large stocks of popular components.
We also hold a large selection of Core and damaged truck engines / gearboxes / differentials for parts and reconditioning use.
As we are a fully licenced Authorised Treatment Facility we can depollute and dismantle vehicles purchased from us on site, in accordance with new UK and EU regulations and load them directly into your shipping container, or into a suitable Tautliner Trailer.

We offer a special loading service to customers buying parts from us.

We offer a loading service of vehicles / parts that are purchased from us. Or we can deliver to any UK docks of your choice. Please contact us for a quotation.

Container Loading

We are experienced in loading parts and components into 20 feet or 40 feet closed or open top shipping containers. We can dismantle a truck into 'knock down condition' ready for you to reassemble at your destination.

On some late engines we construct a steel welded frame to keep the engine safe from damage while is on route to foreign destinations

Worldwide Customer Base

We have customers from all parts of the world buying from us. You can select a list of parts that you require, we check them over and assemble the order to await your container or transport arrival