from vehicles being recycled

Used truck spares section and online database, in the old days  refered to as a heavy truck scrap yard uk. Thankfully now proudly accepted as a professional late model registered truck recycler.  
Snows are constantly purchasing truck salvage for dismantling, this in turn means we can offer a huge selection of late model truck recycled components, from major mechanical items down to cylinder heads, con rods, crankshafts, air compressors, starters, alternators, flywheels, half shafts, bellhousings, injectors. etc.

Chassis parts including tanks for air, fuel, adblu, hydraulics etc, Road springs, axles, front and rear, steering boxes, chassis members, wings, fifth wheel couplings, propshafts, wheels. Chassis air valves, electronics, stub axles, brake hubs with discs or drums. Brake calipers, the list is endless.

On Line Database Listing Major components

Axle Case

For enquiries on the following items please contact us

Box Bodies
Curtainsider Bodies
Cabs for parts and repair
Hydraulic Pto drives
Refrigerated units
Recovery and Wrecking Gear
Tipper Body
Tail lift

Electronic and Electrical Illustrated Parts Catalogue

We now have an illustrated searchable parts catalogue showing just some of the many thousands of smaller Electronic Modules and items in stock from, cabs, engines, transmissions, chassis and brake components etc, click here to access the database, please contact us for anything not shown or for more information on these items listed.

Core units to suit Reconditioners

From time to time we have faulty, accident damaged and old parts units available. These are suitable for reconditioning or spare parts use only. After browsing through the listing on the right please contact us for latest details and in some cases images of the item.
All items subject to being unsold